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Regardless of the lease option you choose, you can get 2 beats for the price of 1!! This sale is to promote our new release: "Trap Everywhere (feat. King Horizon Juice)" Find it anywhere you listen to music!

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This option is for independent artists working on small projects. Perfect for individuals who don't quite have a fan base yet!
Untagged Beat in .mp3 Format
For iTunes, Spotify, etc.
Distribution Limit: 2,500 copies sold
Monetized Streams: 150 Streams = 1 copy sold
Instant Download
1 Music Video
This option is for independent artists working on medium sized projects. Perfect for individuals who need more distribution options and/or a higher quality beat!
Untagged Beat in .wav & .mp3 Formats
For iTunes, Spotify, etc.
Distribution Limit: 5,000 copies sold
Monetized Streams: 150 Streams = 1 copy sold
Instant Download
1 Music Video

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Please read our Frequently Asked Questions.

What are leased beats?

Leased beats are an option that allows the artist to earn revenue off of their completed song for a certain amount of sells or streams, as determined by your lease agreement, while allowing the producer to maintain full ownership and the ability to sell the beat. Your agreement stays valid until your lease is fulfilled even if the beat is ultimately sold exclusively.

What file formats do you offer?

We have options for anyone wanting to start making music or for established artists. Our Silver package starts as a .mp3 format to get you started. The higher packages offer high quality .wav formats as well as track outs and mastered and unmastered versions of the beat depending on your needs.

How much are custom beats?

Please contact us to inquire about custom beats. We have multiple options depending on what you are looking for and will tailor a package to meet your needs! You can reach out via our contact forms or email the producer directly at:

Do you offer music services?

We do offer mixing and mastering services as well as an audio equipment store. Please contact us for mixing and mastering services; our prices start from $45/hr but we will make arrangements for extended projects.

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Meet The Producer - DJ KB EATS

I am a music producer and audio engineer located in southern West Virginia. I have officially been making music full time since 2016 but I have worked on projects ranging back to before 2009. I plan to be able to offer services to anyone in the industry; rather you are up and coming, or an established artist. I love to teach and help develop artists and producers alike so please check out my YouTube channel in order to learn new tips, tricks, and product reviews. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to me directly by filling out the contact form on any of our pages!

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