New Radio Listing

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Hey everyone just a quick update!

We’ve been working diligently on getting the word out about our online radio show. We have been listed on the directory here –> Ambient Radio Stations

Thank you to all of our listeners! We will be updating the site with artist interviews and much much more!

Live Radio Launch: An Independent Artist Platform For Networking

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We have just launched a live web radio platform for independent artist networking!

On our new independent artist radio platform, we will be showcasing some of the very best independent artists from all over the world!  Every Friday at independent artist radio platform5:00PM EST you can expect us to be live on the air and ready to take your calls.  We will be providing you with a customized mix of music as well as new artist announcements that will detail the newest artists that we have come across and the latest songs and information.  We will be providing entertainment, music industry news, artist interviews, as well as tips for music business and tricks you can use in the studio when recording your next hit!

We wish to build a platform where independent artists and music producers can effectively network and share their talents to the masses.  Our mission is to give users access to everything they need in order to achieve the goals they want within this industry.

We receive music submissions from artists that are wanting to get heard.  On our radio platform, independent artists take the stage and make up the entirety of the musical works that we showcase as well as the majority of the content we release.  From time to time our hosts will speak about what’s going on within the major music industry as a form of entertainment or to offer help to the listeners but we wish to focus primarily on promoting the independent artists that have their music live on our stream.

Every week you can expect to hear about any changes with the laws or music industry topics that will affect you as an independent artist as well as some great tips to help you along the way!  We do not mind to share our knowledge.  As independent musicians ourselves we believe that it is our duty to provide access to our base of information to anyone that is needing the help.  Do you like helping others in the industry as well?  Please email us at so you can become a content creator for this website or help host the web radio show.  Alternatively, you can fill out the form on the contact page.

Our radio platform for the independent artist is live 24/7 to provide you with access to the music that you will come to love!  Each week we will be showcasing interviews from the artists we feature in order to give you, the listener, a chance to meet the creators behind the wonderful music you hear on our page.  We will be providing a top 20 countdown every single day that’s updated weekly.  Please make sure you support the tracks you enjoy the most in order to give them the recognition they deserve.  Love a song and are just dying to hear it again?  Request a song at any time day or night and it will automatically be added to the cue.  Doing so also helps promote the song higher on our charts; so get involved!  Don’t worry if the track is unavailable for request, it will be in 10 minutes or less if we are offline.  Otherwise, we fill song requests as they come in while we’re live on the air.  Want to connect with a particular musician?  In our exclusive interviews you will hear from them directly on how you can get in touch with them; plus some information as to where you can find their music as well as posts here at that will contain all of the information you will need.  Missed the live event?  No worries we will run the weekly live show throughout the following week and have the archives posted here on the blog page.  You can simply enter the artist name in our search bar in the navigation menu and you can find all of the content we have here on them.  Our job is to provide everyone ease of access to the information that they want and need, therefore we will do our very best to update the site regularly with any and all information that we gather as well as offer exclusive content to our members.

We have an active chat-room function enabled on the radio page 24/7 where users can easily speak with anyone that is currently connected to the stream.  This means that during our live events, when our page is most active, you will have the opportunity to network directly with the people that are involved in this new independent artist radio platform.  If you submit your tracks to our page, please come and join the scheduled programming as often as possible in order to grow your network and show your support to the other artists.  We are working on adding all of the basic social networking features to our platform, as well as some very special ones, in order to give everyone who joins direct access to each other and the freedom to promote their content by their own means in addition to what we offer.

If you are an artist looking to get heard, please submit your music directly to us via the submission form on the radio page or by emailing the files or links to so you can be featured immediately on our 24 hour stream.  Expect to get regular updates to our scheduled programming.  We will be hosting several live events on various days of the week so stay tuned for more to come!  Please sign up in order to receive exclusive discounts on all of our products as well as updates on all of our new features!

We plan to continuously evolve the platform in order to provide the best experience to the musicians involved as well as the fans that are listening.  Your feedback is important to us; so please at any time, if you have suggestions or questions email me directly at or simply fill out our contact form.

If you would like to support our platform you can either create content for our website or make a PayPal donation via the radio page!


Thank you for reading,

Dj Kb Eats

Cell: (302) 404-3552


Mixing and Mastering

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Do you have a beat or a song that needs that extra bit of soul put into it?  Look no further.  Right now I am offering complete mixing and mastering for only $20 ($10 per additional song if ordered at the same time)!  A service like this typically starts at around $45/hr and it goes up from there depending on the years of experience and equipment that the audio engineer has.  I currently have the ability to deliver your completed tracks in as little as 24hrs (weekends included).  This may seem too good to be true to some individuals but my work speaks for itself .  I will only be offering this service for a limited time, so if you have tracks that are dying to be finished, please get in contact with me or simply place your order by clicking here!


I have been producing music since a young age and have officially been working n as an audio engineer full time since 2016.  I have worked with many local artists and I am now expanding my services to a worldwide audience.   The reason for the price being so low is to help promote my website and to get new customers!  Anyone who has signed up for this website or my email list will be receiving exclusive content and discounts made only available  to members!  If you have listened to my tracks and would like to capture that same sound within your music; please make the move to finishing your project by clicking HERE!  I strive to provide you with the very best of customer service and will be timely with my response to you.  Please see my contact information below if you have further questions.


Yours Truly,


Cell: (302)404-3552






Available on ALL Streaming Platforms + More Updates

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What’s up everyone.  If you are looking through my catalog or any of my social media pages and have found a song and or beat that you like, you can now stream anything I offer on anywhere you listen to music! Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music, and  iTunes just to name a few!  I will be releasing a LoFi type beat album and I will be releasing a dark album as well to showcase my two separate styles.  Release dates are not set in stone but please stay tuned to find out more!

Site Updates

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We have been working diligently to provide you with the very best in your experience when it comes to shopping for our products and services.  We have officially finished setting up the beat store and are working to integrate the merchandise store into the shopping experience.  If you notice any issues with the site, please inquire by means of comment on this post or by filling out our contact form.  The website is a work in progress and we will be updating it daily in order to get our full catalog available for purchase.  We will be working on offering special deals for our premium members as well as our free members.  As it stands, on our product page you will have the option to purchase those products immediately and we will be integrating a shopping cart system soon!  Our beat shop currently has a shopping cart system in place and we wish to bring them together as one.  If you are in need of services immediately or have found one of our beats via social media that you would like to purchase, please contact me on the contact form if you can not find the item available in the beat store.  Stay tuned for more updates, and don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube page in order to receive free training videos and to get the latest updates!


Thanks for reading,



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Welcome to DJKBEATS.COM, home of DJ KB EATS who is a professional music producer and audio engineer. On this site, you will gain access to our full catalog of beats for sale and lease as well as additional content and services! We are constantly updating the website, so please join us today to start receiving special offers and discounts.